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2/18 The Mama Mia! experience

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Submitted by Cassidy Braun, Grade 12

The Mamma Mia! experience for me has definitely been more tiring than previous productions, since this is the biggest production that I have ever been in. Instead of the usual three practices a week, there can be up to four or five practices a week, and with other activities on top of theatre, time at home is definitely cherished.  Although it is tiring, it is still enjoyable. I have made a lot of new friends over these past months, and I have grown to make bonds with some that will last a long time. You also can’t go through the Mamma Mia! Experience without having ABBA playing through your head all day, everyday. Surprisingly enough I’m not even sick of listening to the songs. Everyone is working their butts off to not only make this experience unforgettable for the people on or off stage, but also unforgettable for the people who come see this show, so don’t miss it! Take a chance and go see this show and all the dancing queens and kings that are working hard to bring it to life. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers and go see Mamma Mia! February 27-29 and March 5-7!


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