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Superfluity robbed, volunteers disheartened

Updated: Sep 9, 2021 July 22, 2021

Stettler’s beloved, second hand store was robbed in early July of an auction item and an organization laptop.

Superfluity President, Lori LaRocque said that a guitar valued at several hundred dollars and was stolen sometime over the weekend of July 9th. In addition to the guitar which was on display for the store’s silent auction fundraising event, thieves also broke into the store’s storage room and stole an office laptop.

It is believed that the thieves hid somewhere in the building until closing, and after stealing the items, slipped out unnoticed during the night. LaRocque says that it’s possible they were able to slip out the back door since none of the other doors were disturbed.

The people involved appeared to have rummaged through the store’s upstairs storage area, however, aside from the laptop and guitar, it is hard to tell if anything else of note was taken.

Superfluity has had a rough time recently. Their dumpster bins have been set on fire twice and the store also has had a hard time deciding on safer ways of accepting donations, and building security in general. Despite clear signage stating when, and what, can be dropped off at the backdoor donation bin, people still leave items that they cannot accept. This causes a lot of extra work for the volunteers.

“It’s disheartening for our volunteers.” Lori LaRocque, Superfluity board president.

The staff of the facility is 100% volunteer, and many of the hardworking staff who sort the items are volunteering seniors. When the option of a smaller window of donation acceptance is discussed, it’s hard to approach because people aren’t always able to drop off within certain time frames.

Upgrading the donation area would also cost money, and that would be funds taken from the many organizations that the Superfluity helps every single year.

Both LaRocque and Superfluity Treasurer, Rose Wesner, say that it’s disheartening when someone steals from their store. LaRoque was sure to mention that when word spread of the robbery, a regular customer had the damaged storage room door fixed for free, and that Steve Rushton donated a new laptop for their use. The laptop will no longer be kept at the building overnight, which LaRocque says is unfortunate.

There are still a few items available for the store’s silent auction, which runs until July 31.

Wesner says that the volunteers try to set aside items of particular value so that they can be auctioned off in hopes of getting a bit more money for them than they would if they sold them with the regular pricing as a normal item.

The guitar had been donated by the Ronald Rairdan estate and at the time of the theft had a bid of $280

Guitar that was stolen - Please contact Stettler RCMP with any information

Carson Ellis, Reporter


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