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Stettler Town Council’s first meeting of 2021 January 21, 2021 @12:20pm

Stettler Town Council held their first meeting of 2021 at Council Chambers at 6:30pm on January 19th. The Mayor, Councillors, the CAO and Assistant CAO were in attendance and complying with the current health restrictions.

Stettler Arenas - Once fans can start attending live events, they will be warmer in the arenas with the new tube heaters to be installed. Council had previously approved the funding in the 2020 capital budget, but the pandemic restrictions prevented the work from being done last summer. With the current restrictions in place, a local company will now be completing this project.

Stettler Skateboard Park - If you’re a skateboarder or have kids that skateboard, the Stettler Skateboard Park will be expanded this year. Phase 2 of the Park, which was opened in 2013, includes completion of the Bowl with most of the funding from the Town and the balance from the Stettler Skateboard Park fundraising committee. Newline Skateparks Inc. began the process last year of the concept, design and construction for the expansion and will start the work in August of this year. It’s expected that a total closure of only three days of the entire park will be required for the renovations. The fundraising committee will be meeting in February and will be determining the value of any in kind donations from local sponsors towards the project.

2021 Municipal General Election – Voters will be able to visit one location versus three locations to vote for Mayor, Councillor and their Public or Catholic School Division representatives for this year’s municipal general election. The Town of Stettler will be jointly holding the election in Stettler with Clearview Public School Division, and for the first time, with the East Central Alberta Catholic School Division. Agreements with Clearview and East Central include the Town’s Returning Officer being responsible for conduct of the election within the Town of Stettler and share costs on a fair, equitable and reasonable basis.

Stettler Regional Emergency Management Authority (SREMA) - With former Director, Lee Hardman, leaving his position leading SREMA on Dec 31, a new Director has been appointed. Clint Sime, formerly the Deputy Director, was appointed as Acting Director, Emergency Management in early January by the Town and County, and Council has now formally approved his appointment as Director. Chad Jackson continues in his role as Deputy Director.

Heartland Housing - Mayor Nolls is proud of the work that the staff are doing at the lodges for residents to ensure they’re kept safe and healthy during this pandemic.

The next Town Council meeting is Tuesday, February 2 at 6:30 pm and Council meetings are scheduled every two weeks following. There is a public forum standing agenda item, and the public is welcome by arriving prior to the meeting with seating available.

The agendas for the meetings are posted online the Friday afternoon prior to the Council meetings at

To contact the Mayor or your Councillor, visit

Jody Craig, Reporter


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