Stettler students back to school after 5 months off

Stettler Elementary School Principal Sharon Fischer welcomes students back to school

There was a morning buzz around the schools as a portion of students went back to school after a five month hiatus. Aside from the hand sanitizing stations, posters, and the social distancing decals on the floor, it looked just like any other back-to-school fall day.

Stettler Elementary School principal, Sharon Fischer welcomed students at the door, giving directions and gently reminding them not to hug her. Teachers sprayed students’ hands with sanitizer on their way into the school. Mid-air fist bumps and “elbow bumps” were encouraged as the kids and staff seemed happy to be back.

“The best part of my day used to be those three hundred morning hugs when the kids got off the bus.” Sharon Fischer, principal, Stettler Elementary School

Wm E Hay Principal, Myranda Shepherd and Vice Principal Diane Enyedy, were also greeting students at the door today and stopped for just a moment to welcome an unexpected guest.

Student Jayna Weatherly wanted the photo of her first day of school to be special, so she rode up on her horse. Teachers and principals paused their traffic patrolling measures to welcome Weatherly and to pet the animal.

Jayna Weatherly takes her first day back to school photo

When asked about the first morning back, Clearview Superintendent Brenda MacDonald stated "We are thrilled that everything went as planned this morning. Our teachers and staff worked tirelessly to make this a great week for our students. We are happy to have our students back in the schools today and look forward to the year despite whatever challenges it might bring."

One of the bus drivers reported that there were no issues at the bus stop or on the bus but that it was a “light load” due to staggered starts this year.

Principal Tara McMillan from Christ King Catholic School was also thrilled to have her students back. “We left extra time this morning for hand-washing but all our students were in their classrooms when the bell rang. Win!”

Principal Tara McMillan, Christ King Catholic School

Schools sports are not yet on the schedule, but this decision will be reviewed again in October.

Wendy Rairdan, Reporter

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