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Press Release from Stettler Board of Trade November 17, 2020 @ 9:40am published at 10:26am.

The Stetter Peavey Opportunity investment Co‐operative is interested in hearing investment ideas from the community. For more information on the project and our approach, please see the attached brochure.

The following information will be assessed like a Dragon’s Den. Over the past several months, a local steering committee has been exploring a range of ideas for community investment.

You should give as much information as necessary to enable us to assess your business idea but should not disclose any information which is commercially sensitive. The committee is interested in investing in one or more businesses over the coming several months.

Following submissions, the committee will review the application based on the following criteria

• Does the opportunity provide securitized assets/guaranteed revenues to back the investment or financing?

• Does the business leader or members of the investment steering committee have expertise in the business sector linked to the opportunity?

• Does the opportunity provide wider economic benefits to the community? • Does the opportunity create jobs in the community?

• Does the opportunity fill in a gap in business or services in our community?

Download the full application

Stetter Dragon's Den
Download PDF • 180KB

Please email the completed form by December 15, 2020 to

PRIVACY STATEMENT We will be contacting all submitters within one month of submission.

Please note that should you not be successful in our first round of investment considerations, we anticipate making additional community investments in the coming years.

Your submission will be reviewed by the local investment committee, of which all members have signed non‐disclosure agreements.

Any information you provide in this submission will be kept confidential and only discussed outside the committee with your express consent.

Should your business be selected for further consideration, we will be required to collect additional information for which all investment committee members will be required to complete specific Non‐ Disclosure Agreements specifically related to you.

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