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Safely saving COVID-19 samples for research (video)

Health partners are building a safe biorepository to preserve COVID-19 samples long-term to support world-class medical research in combatting the virus.

The new biorepository is now safely collecting, cataloguing and storing samples in sophisticated refrigeration equipment. There will be two hubs – one at the University of Alberta and the other at the University of Calgary.

“Research in how to test for, treat and prevent COVID-19 is essential to our healthy future. I commend all the partners on collaborating to make this happen, and I assure all Albertans that the biorepository poses no risk to public health.” Tyler Shandro, Minister of Health
“We are thinking about the future and about deeper study of the coronavirus through clinical and academic research. We are extremely grateful to our foundation partners for their contributions towards this project that will benefit Albertans today and for years to come.” Dr. Verna Yiu, president and CEO, Alberta Health Services

Dozens of Alberta-based researchers working on more than 30 Alberta research projects need the COVID-19 samples to explore things like rapid point-of-care testing, drugs, antibody testing, and genome sequencing. Some studies involve collaborations with scientists across North America.

Building the $300,000 biorepository is a partnership among Calgary Health Trust, University Hospital Foundation, Alberta Cancer Foundation, Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation. Alberta Health Services and its subsidiary, Alberta Precision Laboratories, will fund operations and maintenance.

“Calgary Health Trust and our donors recognize that targeted research is needed to enhance our understanding of this highly contagious virus and to accelerate the discovery of effective diagnostics, treatments, and prevention for current and future outbreaks. The partnership between philanthropy and health care means that we can do more faster, and support the innovation that continues to be needed especially during these critical times.” Mike Meldrum, president and CEO, Calgary Health Trust

Alberta has a comprehensive response to COVID-19 including measures to enhance physical distancing, screening and testing. Financial supports are helping Alberta families and businesses.

Provincial Press Release June 5, 2020 @ 9:31


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