3/12 Rhonda Sylvester leads the Gracenotes Choir to Cantando Music Festival

Rhonda Sylvester leader of Gracenotes

Rhonda Sylvester, the creator, and leader of Gracenotes Choir has been teaching music to kids of all ages for over 25 years.  Born in Castor, and being raised in Stettler, she is a local through and through, and began Gracenotes as a safe place for individuals to gain confidence and let their light shine.  “I have a strong passion for music and youth, so combining the two was naturally the best thing to do!” says Sylvester. “[Choir] builds leadership skills, creativity, teamwork and a sense of community that is different from everything else”.

Since the beginning, Sylvester has led her choirs to multiple competitive festivals both in Canada and in the US.  Her future goal for Gracenotes is to keep the choral community alive and well within Stettler and the surrounding area. She maintained that the arts serve people in a way that no other extra-curricular activity can and it is important to nurture it in our youth.

From the Tiny Gracenotes, to the Rhapsody Girls and Tiny Tenors, to the Gracenotes Choir, Sylvester makes sure all age groups are looked after.  The joy and support she is given by all her groups inspires her to keep doing what she loves.

You can support the choir as they go through their training and competition this year by having a great Steak Dinner on March 17th when the Gracenotes Choir is hosting a fundraising supper at Brenda’s Cozy Cafe. The proceeds of this fundraiser will go towards paying for their upcoming activities this year, which includes competing in the Cantando Music Festival in Whistler, BC.

Fundraiser information:

Brenda's Cozy Cafe

March 17th - 5pm & 7pm seating available (sociable seating) $30 per ticket No Reservations & doors will open a 4:30pm for 5 pm seating and 6:30 for 7 pm seating. Entertainment provided by Gracenotes Choir Members * Alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase*

Please contact a Choir member or phone 403-740-3198 to purchase your tickets now.

For more information visit their Facebook page.