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Protecting Albertans’ energy resources (audio and video)

Provincial Press Release May 25, 2021 @ 2:57 pm published 3:25 pm

Alberta’s government has tabled legislation to further protect Albertans’ interests in the energy resources they own.

The Preserving Canada’s Economic Prosperity Act would replace the previous act with the same name and provide the Minister of Energy the authority to restrict the export of crude oil and natural gas from Alberta.

If passed, the act will give Alberta’s democratically elected government the ability to fight back against jurisdictions that seek to block Alberta’s exports.

“Albertans fought hard to win the constitutional right to manage our natural resources. This new legislation demonstrates how serious we are about defending these rights, as well as our economy, our resources and our people. It’s a matter of having every option available to us. We will not back down from defending our economic interests and will use this legislation when needed.” Sonya Savage, Minister of Energy

As a result of legal challenges to the previous version of the legislation, the proposed act has been strengthened with respect to its constitutionality to bolster it against any future legal challenges.

Quick facts

  • The Constitution gives the provinces the authority over the interprovincial export of “primary production” natural resources.

  • By excluding references to “refined fuels,” this legislation aligns closely with this concept.

  • If passed, the legislation will be effective retroactive to May 1, 2021.


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