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More online registry services now available

Provincial Press Release June 28, 2021 @ 1:31pm published at 3:00pm

Albertans can now order specialty licence plates and renew their commercial and farm vehicle registrations online.

Alberta’s government brought four registry services online on June 27. In addition to specialty plates and commercial and farm vehicle renewals, Albertans can now conveniently order in-transit permits and duplicate vehicle registration certificates online.

“We have been working hard to provide the options and accessibility that Albertans want when it comes to registry services. In an age of shopping and banking on our smartphones and computers, it’s reasonable to expect access to registry services the same way, and we have been working with our registry agent partners to provide that opportunity.”

Nate Glubish, Minister of Service Alberta

The four new online services are available through the MyAlberta eServices portal, alongside other online registry services such as one-year passenger vehicle registration renewals, birth certificate ordering and fine payments. Albertans need to have a verified MyAlberta Digital ID to order the products online.

Quick facts

A verified MyAlberta Digital ID allows Albertans to authenticate their identity and access their personal and confidential motor vehicle information without requiring in-person service.

Commercial and farm vehicle registrations can be renewed online for a one-year term.

Albertans are able to download their vehicle registration certificates and in-transit permits directly from MyAlberta eServices after they have been purchased.

Specialty plates (Support our Troops, Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers) will arrive by mail after the order has been placed online.


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