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Introducing the Drive Safe Stettler Campaign

Drive Safe Stettler was developed by the team at Rairdan Services, Inc. to promote community health and safety. This campaign will give us safe driving reminders we need to protect ourselves and our community while on the road. These monthly safe driving reminders on will also be on the 18 Stettler Community Screens encouraging us all to take care and take care of each other. If you would like to sponsor a month of the Drive Safe Campaign please contact Wendy Rairdan at 587-441-6400.

Drive Safe Stettler November - December 2021

SLOW DOWN - Posted speed limits are for ideal travel conditions not winter road conditions. Reducing your speed is the best choice on icy roads. Remember that black ice is invisible and even when you can see it, it is too late for safe driving. #drivesafestettler


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