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Infrastructure grants support economic recovery (video)

The Government of Alberta has awarded $200 million in grants to municipalities across the province to upgrade local bridges, roads and community airports and make improvements to water supply and treatment facilities.

The additional grant funding will support about 1,800 jobs in communities across Alberta.

“Albertans in every corner of the province are facing real challenges as our economy recovers from COVID-19 and our municipalities rely on strong local infrastructure to attract investment and grow their economies. As we move ahead with Alberta’s relaunch, this additional investment will go a long way to helping rural municipalities get back on their feet and back to work.” Jason Kenney, Premier
“We are taking the next step in Alberta’s economic recovery by significantly increasing funding for well-used infrastructure and water grant programs for our municipalities. This stimulus funding is just one part of our government’s economic recovery plan to get Albertans back to work. It makes sense to flow stimulus funding into our municipalities through existing programs that communities are familiar with, that build and rebuild roads, bridges, and water infrastructure that communities need constructed and fixed.” Ric McIver, Minister of Transportation
“Increased funding through key infrastructure grant programs is welcomed to support the construction and maintenance of needed municipal road and bridge infrastructure that Alberta’s industries rely on for access to natural resources and markets. Rural municipalities look forward to utilizing increased STIP funding for municipal infrastructure projects that will contribute to local economic growth and Alberta’s overall economic recovery.” Al Kemmere, president, Rural Municipalities of Alberta

Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program (STIP) About $50 million in additional STIP funding will go to municipalities across Alberta to support 69 projects and about 480 jobs. The program funds bridge improvements, upgrades to resource roads and community airports and other municipal initiatives.

Water Infrastructure Grants About $150 million will support 55 water and wastewater improvement projects and approximately 1,300 jobs.

  • $137 million allocated to the Alberta Municipal/Wastewater Partnership for 54 projects

  • $13 million to the First Nations Water Tie-in Program to support a water tie-in program for the Ermineskin Cree Nation to the Ponoka regional water pipeline.

Quick facts STIP

  • STIP grants funding is awarded in four categories: improvements to local bridges; community airports; resource roads for industrial use; and local municipal initiatives.

  • These are cost-shared projects, with the province covering up to 75 per cent of the eligible cost.

  • Projects are awarded based on initiatives identified by municipalities.

Water Infrastructure Grants

  • Grants support improvements to water supply and treatment facilities, and upgrades to wastewater services, including lagoons, berms and sewage treatment.

  • First Nations funding supports connections to new and existing regional water systems, providing clean drinking water to First Nations communities.

Provincial Press Release June 19, 2020 @ 11:00

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