Hydroponics store opens in Stettler

StettlerLocal.com March 20, 2021

Mike Thurlborn is known for his eavestrough work but a chance encounter at an electrical supplier turned Thurlborn on to the world of hydroponics.

Thurlborn began researching the topic, speaking with vendors, watching videos, and reading articles. He was then able to work with a gentleman with extensive hydroponics experience who helped make the learning curve a little easier.

Thurlborn along with wife Kelly, decided to open their own hydroponics store in Stettler this month on 50ave.

On the store’s opening day, people came from Red Deer, Hanna, and places in between. Thurlborn says he is the only hydroponics store between Saskatchewan and Stettler giving him a wide range of clientele. He hopes to break the stigma associated with the term hydroponics.

Mike Thurlborn, Owner of Over the Top Hydroponics

When you Google hydroponics, the top searches are lettuce, and vegetables. However when you say ‘hydroponics’, everyone thinks of pot growing.

It's easy to get into hydroponics. You can buy a $90 kit with two large pales, and the equipment you need to start a simple hydroponics operation. Most gear can be upgraded segment by segment, allowing you to grow your garden gradually. Thurlborn says it’s fairly low maintenance and doesn’t require any special space requirements for temperatures,

or sunlight. There are even kits for microgreens that grow in a large mason jar right on your countertop.

Thurlborn explains that 1 cup of broccoli microgreens is roughly equal to 20 heads of broccoli, and can grow in approximately 7 days. Since getting into the business he has found himself eating healthier.

It’s easier eating healthy, when you grow your own.”

Thurlborn wants to eventually teach classes to school kids on how easy it is for them to grow healthy vegetables, and help them learn about hydroponic gardening.

Over the Top Hydroponics is located at 5008 B 50 Ave. Follow Over the Top Hydroponics on Facebook for more information.

Carson Ellis, Reporter


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