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How to support and make donations to Superfluity September 1, 2022 @ 2:00pm

Founded in 1980, Superfluity has operated in Stettler for over 40 years.

The Superfluity board donates as much as $100,000 annually to local charities and projects, including:

  • Stettler Handi-bus

  • Stettler Hospice Society

  • Stettler Waste Management Authority’s Take it or Leave it building

  • Ronald McDonald House Central Alberta

  • Yearly Scholarships

Charities and community project organizers are welcome to send letters detailing their projects and requesting support funds. These can be dropped off at the Superfluity store during open hours with the note “Attention: Board.”

How can you help?


Every purchase is money going back into the community. The stock of items changes constantly, and there is something for everyone. Some highlights include Halloween costumes, wedding dresses, toys, housewares, and sometimes specialty silent auctions.


There is a donation bin in the back parking lot, but volunteers prefer you bring donations directly inside the back door during open hours.


  • ensure donations are clean and in good condition.

  • donate bags! Shopping bags (plastic or otherwise) are always in short supply.

  • donate costumes as Halloween costumes still in good condition are in high demand.

  • join the board and attend meetings on the fourth Wednesday of every month (except July and August).

  • help out at the store. Even volunteering for one shift per month helps out.


  • donate trash. The organization has to pay to have waste hauled away.

  • donate bike helmets, car seats, or high chairs - These items cannot be resold.

  • donate large furniture or TVs. The organization does not have the storage space, and most volunteers are elderly and can’t lift these items.

Current Superfluity hours are Monday - Friday, 10 am - 4 pm. The store is run by an all-volunteer board and staffed entirely by volunteers.

“We appreciate our community’s support and want to say thank you to all our volunteers,” treasurer Rose Wesner.

For more information, you can call (403) 742-0697 during business hours.

Jimilee Ayotte, Editor


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