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Highway 12 town intersections to be upgraded and rebranding discussed at town council meeting August 3, 2021 @ 9:30 am

Town of Stettler Councillors discuss Alberta Transportation Highway 12 upgrades and rebranding at the meeting on August 3rd.

Communications Officer Lara Angus and Manager of Recreation and Culture Brad Robbins, addressed council about the status of the Corporate Identity Committee’s Target updates. The committee had set out a little while back with 3 main targets; Social Media Policy and Education, Website & app development ad Branding and Rebranding.

In target one, the committee reviewed existing social media policies, created new ones, or modified existing policies. The second target focused on the status of the town’s new website, and downloadable app, and that they were making the necessary changes to both services based on feedback from the public. The three targets focused largely on the redesign of the Recreation Center’s logo and updating it for one that was more uniform to the town’s logo

“I believe our building is one of a kind for inclusivity.” Brad Robbins.

The recreation department has also rebranded their staff uniforms with different internal departments having different looks to present a uniform look to the public.

Council addressed a request for a decision on the 3 acre subdivision from the old county shop yard. The section of land that sits next to the museum is being taken over by the museum, and that the transfer of ownership meets all requirements. The only point of note was an easement agreement for drainage but the transfer of ownership would not affect that, and that the joint agreement between the town, county and museum were able to modify the easement without affecting anything else

Alberta Transport has informed the town of upcoming upgrades to three intersections along Highway 12 within the town limits. The first one will be at the Tim Horton’s/Boston Pizza intersection that will include new meridians and other cement work. The intersection at Jude’s and Fas Gas and the hospital grounds and Dairy Queen are also being upgraded with a crosswalk is. The project is estimated to be completed by October.

Assistant CAO Steve Gerlitz presented the Financial Reports to the council. He explained that the tax receivables report was on track with the deadline being extended to October 30. The bank reconciliation and the accounts payable reports were all in good standings, and all three were accepted into record.

Bylaw 2139-21 that converts the property formerly known as Rotary Park from public use to residential general, was given third and final reading by council. The third reading means the land owner can now proceed with their plans to develop the property for multi-occupant homes.

The town reviewed several items of correspondence, with particular focus on a small bump in the funds they are expected to receive as part of the Federal Gas Tax. The grand total for the Town will be $696,912, which will go towards capital projects in the next few years. This was considered a welcome bump since the formulas are being greatly reduced for future payments.

The town will also proceed with reaching out to both MLA and MP of the Stettler riding. Their hope is to either get a timeline for when both the Alberta Works office, and the Service Canada office will be expected to open again as the closed offices are a concern to many in the community. Although both government offices have electronic services, many people either do not have access to the proper equipment or the tech knowledge to use the sites confidently. FCSS has been doing their best to help those who need the services of either organizations, but it has added to their workloads.

Carson Ellis, Reporter

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