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Government of Alberta and the Alberta Medical Association partner to vaccinate Albertans

Provincial Press release February 5, 2021 @ 9:33am published at 10:09am

Minister of Health Tyler Shandro and Alberta Medical Association (AMA) President Paul Boucher have issued the following statement:

“From family doctors caring for the physical and mental health of Albertans to intensive care unit physicians treating COVID-19 patients, doctors have been instrumental throughout the pandemic.

“It is now time to form a partnership between the Government of Alberta and the 11,000 physicians who call our province home to get as many vaccines into the arms of Albertans as quickly as possible.

“Our first priority is to begin a conversation with Albertans about getting the vaccine. We know that some Albertans may be hesitant to get the vaccine. But we also know that Albertans want to protect their loved ones. That’s why we will work together to speak directly to Albertans about the importance of taking the vaccine.

“The Government of Alberta and the AMA will also work together to examine opportunities to incorporate a role for community physician offices that are able to participate in the vaccine deployment plan when more vaccine becomes readily available for distribution.

“Finally, we know that doctors and other allied health professionals need to be included in the prioritization list. During the course of their workday, health-care workers and their staff are at risk of exposure. We need to make sure that Alberta’s primary care providers are prepared to respond to the millions of Albertans who will need to be vaccinated safely.”


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