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Emergency Services Parade honours essential workers and healthcare staff (video)

April 7, 2020 PM @ 5:13PM

Stettler held its very own Emergency Vehicle Parade today at 3 pm. Over 25 emergency vehicles including RCMP squad cars, fire trucks, ghost cars, and tow trucks met in the parking lot of the Rec Centre then toured the town to show their support for the essential workers and the hospital staff.

Their route included Highway 12, Highway 56, the Stettler Hospital and Care Centre, as well as a few residential neighbourhoods.  Many vehicles donned signs in support of the community and hospital staff. One, in particular, said, “Not all heroes wear capes… some wear scrubs.”  

Tracy Marko, one of the main organizers for the parade, was busy handing out route maps and talking to the participating officers, before the event.

“We’re very excited. There are a bunch of towns and cities in Canada doing similar things so we decided to as well. We thought this would be an awesome way to provide the community with some cheer and excitement.”  Tracy Marko, Event Organizer

Marko’s excitement was reciprocated by a bunch of children on 50A avenue, which was included in the route. The vehicles responded to their waves with loud siren blasts and huge smiles.  

“This is going to be very exciting for the children”, said RCMP Constable Woodhouse before the event, “This will also be really good to show anyone who feels alone during this time, that we are still here for them.  Their community stands behind them.”  

Being a safe social distancing activity, we can expect more parades to come down our streets. 

Nick Schmidt,

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