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Economic Development Subcommittee Releases New Development Map of Stettler

The Town of Stettler public map has a new addition by the Stettler Economic Development Subcommittee. The committee, aiming to encourage entrepreneurs to invest in Stettler, updated the online map to include a new layer highlighting the available development sites within Stettler.

“We understand that entrepreneurs and developers are not always looking for sites and developing business plans during standard working hours. By creating the development site layer, we want developers to have an opportunity to view details of potential locations at any time of day." Committee member, Stacy Benjamin

The Economic Development Committee is comprised of the following members:

  • Mayor Sean Nolls

  • Councillor Scott Pfeiffer

  • Councillor Gord Lawlor

  • Steven Gerlitz, Assistant CAO, Town of Stettler

  • Leann Graham, Director of Planning and Development, Town of Stettler

  • Stacey Benjamin, Executive Director, Stettler Regional Board of Trade & Community Development

  • Councillor James Nibourg, County of Stettler

Apart from their work on updating the map, the committee is currently analyzing local commercial markets with the following intentions:

1. Identifying the feasibility of additional retail and restaurant businesses in the Town of Stettler.

2. Identifying the types of retail and restaurants needed.

3. Identifying opportunities for industrial growth.

4. Identifying the trading area, including quantitative and qualitative data of the people in the area

5. Create an up-to-date community profile, including current and accurate data on the overview of the community.

This data will help entrepreneurs determine the feasibility of the Stettler area market for their ideas, which the committee hopes will help encourage Stettler as a potential location for new businesses.

Joseph Hoekstra, Reporter


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