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Crimes rates fluctuate in Stettler area

Municipal and rural crime have fluctuated this past year in the Stettler area. Stettler RCMP Sergeant Detachment Commander Tim Gaultois told us that the gains made in municipal crime were lost in rural crime. The good news for the detachment is they recently gained a rural member, and the position is being paid for by the Province of Alberta.

“One more set of boots on the ground is positive. Previously, the detachment had 7 Regular Duty Constables and now we have 8 which will be an improvement for coverage, time off, and we won’t be short a member.” Sgt. Tim Gaultois

Sgt. Gaultois provides monthly crime reports to the Town of Stettler and County of Stettler and is busy working on the detachment’s year-end. The most common type of crime is stolen items from vehicles and warehouses.

The crime rate has fluctuated this past year with businesses being closed. Small business crime was up then down for rural vs municipal, and the stats were on par with the previous year. COVID plays a big part because people are home.” Sgt. Tim Gaultois

Michael Nizio owns and operates Stettler Security Services which provides a variety of security services for businesses and residential areas in Stettler.

“Crime rates are definitely on the rise. Active security measures, such as mobile security, reduces response times and observations of potential threats has led to a reduction of crime for my clients.”- Michael Nizio, Stettler Security Services

There are apps available, but the best way to report a crime in progress is to contact the RCMP directly by calling 911.

The Stettler detachment polices the areas of the Town of Settler and the County of Stettler which includes Erskine, Nevis, Byemoor, Red Willow, Big Valley, Botha, Gadsby and the Summer Villages of Rochon Sands and White Sands.

Stettler Security Services -

Jody Craig, Reporter


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