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County of Stettler Fire Ban Now in Effect

County of Stettler Press Release May 3, 2021 @ 3:36 published at 4:13pm.

Due to dry conditions, a Fire Ban has been imposed for all of the County of Stettler.


1. PROHIBITS the issuance of fire permits by County of Stettler Fire Guardians;

2. SUSPENDS all outstanding fire permits issued under the Forest and Prairie Protection Act;

3. REQUIRES that all outdoor fires presently burning, whether set under the authority of a fire

permit or not, be extinguished immediately;

4. INCLUDES all open fires, camp fires, fires used for cooking, briquette barbecues, burning

barrels, and the discharge of all fireworks.

THIS FIRE BAN does not apply to:

1. Fires which are contained in cooking appliances which are fuelled by liquid fuel (propane,

natural gas) – i.e. barbecues, Coleman stoves; and

2. CSA approved portable fire pits fulled by liquid fuel propane or natural gas; and 3. Internal

household fire places with approved spark arrester – i.e. a fine screen used to prevent sparks

from leaving the chimney.

A person who sets a fire not allowed under this ban will be responsible for the costs of

extinguishing the fire pursuant to the County of Stettler Bylaw and may be charged under the

Forest and Prairie Protection Act.

THIS BAN comes into effect on the 3rd day of May, 2021 and will continue until further notice.

Mark Dennis, Regional Fire Chief

Fire Ban information for: County of Stettler No. 6

For additional information, please contact the County of Stettler: (403) 742-4441


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