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3/3 Community Futures partners with Stettler Pop-Up Market

Nick Schmidt of East Parkland Community Futures

The Central Alberta Business Centre and Community Futures are announcing their new partnership in supporting the local business community.  This partnership will be primarily focusing on the Stettler Pop-Up Market, which began as a showcase for small Stettler businesses running in the off months of the summer farmer’s market.  Beginning in November of 2019, the Stettler Pop-Up Market has featured many businesses and worked to promote a great winter event for residents. The market runs monthly at the Central Alberta Business Centre from November - June.

Community Futures is a non-profit organization that prioritizes business coaching and training within rural communities all over Canada.  Having been around for over 30 years, they understand the importance of community involvement and the engagement between business and community. “This is what the market is all about, creating that physical interface between business and community.  This is why Community Futures sees a huge opportunity here,” said Nick Schmidt from Community Futures.

Schmidt went on to say “In an age where so much of our marketing is through digital means, it is ever more valuable to have face-to-face conversations with people, build relationships and make connections.”  He explained that these opportunities are extremely beneficial for small and home-based businesses who thrive on personal connections with their customers and it is helpful for larger businesses that are looking for extra exposure within the community.

Wendy Rairdan owns Rairdan Services, Inc. which operates the business centre. “We know that these mico and small businesses help support families by offering flexible work schedules and many times provide the extra income families need to stay in the area. By supporting these businesses alongside our larger businesses we hope to offer them more opportunities for collaboration, business learning opportunities, and obviously, more opportunity to sell their goods and services.”

The market calls for the community to support local hard-working, entrepreneurs and assist them in building their personal goals as well as our local economy.

The market also offers partnerships with non-profit organizations, offers an “off-site” vendor option for larger businesses, provides a catered concession and has live music. “It has always been our intent to provide opportunities for small businesses but to also offer the community a fun, recurring event to get through the long winter months. We hope to create a place to just hang out on Saturdays, visit with friends and family and find great local services and products,” said Rairdan.

The next Stettler Pop-Up Market is themed “Spring It on Me” on March 21st at the Central Alberta Business Centre from 11am-5pm. For more details or to become a vendor go to

For questions about starting a new business or getting support for an existing business at no cost, contact Nick Schmidt at Community Futures at 587-432-5983 or


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