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Clearview Schools shift to at-home learning on May 7

From Clearview Public Schools May 5, 2021 @ 5:12pm published at 9:14pm

The health and safety of our students and staff is always our top priority. As with all public health matters, Clearview Public Schools is working closely with Alberta Education and Alberta Health Services to monitor and address concerns regarding COVID-19.

Yesterday, the Government of Alberta released further guidelines for learning, and starting Friday, May 7 all grades for our community schools will shift to at-home learning with an expected return to in-class learning on Tuesday, May 25.

We recognize the challenges that come with students being away from school and students will continue to be engaged in learning.

The Alberta Government’s decision to shift schools to at-home learning is a key strategy to keep your children safe and our staff safe. We know that this imposes a significant burden on many families.

As well, you likely have many questions about how education will continue. Your school will be communicating with you today and tomorrow how they will be supporting your children.

Our staff this week are working hard to prepare for instruction in the at-home model. At-home learning will begin Friday, May 7. In most cases, this will involve the use of technology. Schools are communicating with you this week about the details. In cases where students do not have a device at home, the schools will be signing out chromebooks. If there are personal materials at the school, please coordinate with your school and your child to bring those home tomorrow (Thursday).

We want to ensure continuity of learning, and we will need your assistance. We recognize not all families are equally equipped to support their child’s learning in the same way. We will focus on the essential learnings from the curriculum. It is not our goal to have your child learn everything they would have in a regular school setting, and appreciate the stress families can feel where too much is expected. If we are providing too much or too little, we will need your feedback to get it just right. Regular communication with teachers is important.

On behalf of our schools and the Board of Trustees, please know that we are thinking about you and your children. We will miss having them in classes and learning together.

We also want you to know how proud we are of our staff, not only for their hard work and ingenuity but also for their eagerness to ensure your children continue to receive support.

Clearview Public Schools

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