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Clearview plans for 20-2021 school year

Media Release from Clearview Public Schools July 9, 2020 @ 1:39 PM

As we enter the Summer of 2020, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge and sincerely thank all of our parents and students for the work they did to ensure learning continued in the spring.  Clearview has been inspired by the determination and spirit of all.  We know that it has not been easy, but your commitment to supporting your children over the past several months has been reaffirming and exceptionally encouraging.  Thank you for doing your best to support your children. 

As we look to the fall, our planning continues to evolve.  We can share many of the decisions with you now, recognizing that plans need to be flexible as the situation is still fluid.  

Alberta Education has indicated that they will confirm under which scenario we will start the year by August 1, 2020. At present, the focus of the planning reflects Alberta Education’s “Scenario 1 - In-school classes resume (near normal with health measures)”.  This is the direction Minister LaGrange confirmed in June.

Be assured that our goal is to provide a safe  learning environment for students and staff in our schools.  To achieve this goal, we are receiving ongoing direction from the Alberta Government as well as Alberta Health Services.  We are also reviewing and implementing best practices from other school divisions, and gathering input from our schools and communities.  Our schools will be clean, materials ready, and staff eager to welcome students back no matter the circumstances.  

Some practices and decisions for the Fall will be made by Clearview, and some will be determined by the schools and our dedicated staff.  

We will also be continuing the communication and conversations with our staff, students and parents, so we can be flexible to address needs that arise.  The planning so far is based on all known information, and may change as new information is available.

Your voice and thoughts are important to us. In August, we will share more information as well as conduct a survey of parents and staff to hear your concerns and gather your input. 

We have included below the decisions made thus far for school re-entry. 

In all our schools, Clearview will ensure:

  • All staff and students will follow the normal protocols of physical distancing and handwashing wherever possible.

  • Sanitizer, spray bottles, and sanitizer stations will be available at entrances, classrooms and other areas throughout the schools.  Teaching staff will be responsible for the sanitizer in classrooms, and help students where needed.  They will ensure the sanitizer is monitored and secured.

  • Classrooms will be provided sanitizer and cloths to allow students and staff to wipe down desks, chairs, shared equipment and technology, and other high touch areas in the classroom; this would be done at the start of the day, during transitions, at the end of the day, and as needed.

  • Enhanced cleaning will be done throughout the school during the day for high touch areas such as water fountains, door knobs, doors and washrooms.  We will be using custodial staff where possible, and work with our schools for alternative solutions where needed.  Due to this, there will be limited custodial services after school and some other cleaning standards will be deferred.

  • Deep cleaning will be done by custodial staff during non-student days.

  • Parents and staff will be provided a routine screening protocol to determine if students and staff are able to be in a school or school bus. 

In each of our Clearview schools, school staff will:

Encourage physical distancing and handwashing, and ensure that sanitizing is being done in accordance with health guidelines and best practices.

Keep students, as reasonably possible, in cohorts during the school day to minimize the risk of transmission of COVID-19 by limiting exposure to others.  A cohort is defined as a group of students and staff who remain together.  The size of the cohort will depend on the physical space of the classroom or learning setting.  

Cohorting will decrease the number of close contacts a case of COVID-19 would have in a school and assist public health officials in their efforts to trace contacts and contain an outbreak.

  • Guide foot traffic through entrances and hallways.

  • Discourage gatherings such as assemblies.

  • Develop protocols for students and staff who become ill during the school day.

  • Encourage the use of water bottles and discourage the use of water fountains.

  • Encourage parents to share any medical conditions or allergies that may place the students at greater risk in the current environment of COVID-19 concerns.

  • Consult with Alberta Health Services about food services, including food provided through our cafeterias and the nutrition program.

At the start of the school year and to be reviewed on an on-going basis for flexibility, Clearview will adhere to the following safety guidelines to minimize risk to students and staff:

  • All visitors to the schools will be kept at the front entrance or school office.  Only staff and students will normally be allowed in the school past the office or front entrance.

  • After-school events including extracurricular events will not be offered, and sport activities outside of school hours are still being determined. 

  • We will not be able to offer school spaces to user groups or volunteers, including rental of the Performing Arts Centre.

  • Field trips will not be offered.

  • Transportation by school buses will only be available for home to school or school to home. Further safety information with regards to transportation will be coming. 

Mental Health / Psychosocial Supports for Students and Staff

The COVID 19 pandemic has resulted in prolonged stress, loss of control, and unpredictability for students, parents, and staff.  Upon re-entry to school we can predict students, parents and staff will experience higher levels of dysregulation and require mental health and psychosocial support.

Dr. Bruce Perry’s work around trauma and the R’s will be used as the framework for responding to students, parents, and staff’s mental health and psychosocial needs.  

Regulate: Individuals must first be regulated before they are able to connect to others, learn new content, or engage in  reasoning.

Relate: An individual is only able to connect and relate to another individual after they are regulated (in a calm state).

Reason: Once an individual is regulated and feels safe and connected to others, then they are able to reason and learn new content.

If you or your child need any mental health supports, our Family School Liaison staff will be available.  Also, if you would like to access mental health resources, please use the Caring and Resilient Students (CARS) website

When school begins in September, no matter the scenario we open under, Clearview Public schools will be ready to welcome students and help everyone move forward with their education.


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