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Clearview is ready to offer At-Home Learning and Homeschooling Programming

Clearview Public Schools is ready to provide the learning options our families want.  

In our conversations with our families, the ingenuity and creativity on what is needed to ensure our students are in a safe learning environment has been outstanding.  On Monday, August 17, the Board of Trustees approved to increase our teaching staff and teaching supports to our local community schools and expand our learning opportunities for families who choose to learn at home.  

We are proud to be able to allow families to register for the program of their choice and to be supported through their community and their community school.  Families will be able to determine if they would like In-School Learning, At-Home Learning, or the Homeschool Program.

Starting next week, families will be receiving information to help confirm your choice in programming (and to update the school with any other information we need to know including any medical accommodations) to ensure we are supporting your child’s success.  We will also be able to provide the full guideline handbook for the re-entry plan.  In the meantime, if you would like to read more, please visit our parent supports on re-entry planning at

We believe that students succeed where teachers care about the child, and Clearview’s commitment is that all students belong and all students succeed. 

If you have already registered with another school division, please be aware that you are able to return and remain with Clearview and your local community school.  We welcome you to continue with Clearview so your child has a first choice learning environment through your local community school and with division-wide supports.

If you would like more information, including what is the difference between Clearview’s At-Home Learning and Clearview’s Homeschool Program, please see the following link:

We know the upcoming school year will be unlike any that we have experienced before, and Clearview is ready to ensure your child has the best learning in a safe environment.

We All Belong - We All Succeed

For more information email or contact your local school. 

Clearview Public Schools Press Release August 21, 4:48 pm

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