Clearview discusses School Resource Officer with Town and County of Stettler

Clearview Release December 10, 2020 @ 1:56pm published at 2:05pm

Due to declining resources and conversations towards the best use of education dollars, Clearview Public Schools in consultation with school principals provided a one-year notice to their municipal partners in December 2019 that they would withdraw from the agreement effective the end of December 2020. The school resource position was in minimal use in Clearview schools over the past two years due to RCMP vacancies. On November 25, 2020, municipal representatives from the Town of Stettler and County of Stettler shared their hopes that the school resource officer position could continue past December 31, 2020 and the benefits this position has for the community and policing services. RCMP representatives also shared the vision this program could have for the benefit of schools and students in the areas of preventive strategies and safety education. Following conversations with the delegation, the Board of Trustees extended the current agreement to June 30, 2021 and Clearview is looking to develop an exploratory committee to consider the future of the school resource officer program, including how this program could be structured financially and operationally for the benefit of all parties to the agreement and the students of Clearview. The Town of Stettler agreed to the extension of the contract, and wanted to clarify that if the SRO position could be filled (should the current vacancies in the RCMP general duty staff become filled) that Clearview would support the SRO position financially until June 30, 2021. At the December 9, 2020 Board Meeting, the Board of Trustees agreed to the Town’s request and asked the Superintendent to finalize a letter of understanding to extend the current contract to June 30, 2021. As next steps, the Board Chair will be meeting with the Reeve for the County of Stettler and Mayor of the Town of Stettler for coordination on next steps in the conversations, and the Board selected three Trustee representatives to participate on an exploratory committee to consider the future of the program. Clearview is also exploring a process for consultation with families in our communities for early 2021.

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