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Clearview changes to non-alcohol based hand sanitizer and disinfectant

Clearview Public School Division Release September 18, 2020 @ 3pm published at 5:21 PM

At the beginning of the school year, all Alberta school divisions were provided with alcohol-based sanitizer.  To address a better solution for schools and student safety, Clearview will be moving towards non-alcohol based products for hand sanitizers and in-classroom disinfectants.  These new products are on the list of approved products by Health Canada for use in schools, and can be used safely and without personal protective equipment.  Clearview will also be moving away from the use of spray bottles for hand sanitizer, and will instead be using a pump-style applicator in classes and mounted devices in our school entrances.

The incoming disinfectant (Oxivir Tb) is a hydrogen peroxide product that within 1 to 5 minutes converts to water and is used for disinfecting hard surfaces, and the incoming non-alcohol based hand sanitizer (Soapopular) has been adopted by many school divisions in Alberta with no reported side effects when used as directed.

Families and staff interested in the new products that will be introduced into our schools over the next few weeks can click HERE (FAQ) or HERE (MSDS) for the disinfectant (staff and older student use only), and HERE (FAQ) or HERE (MSDS) for the non-alcohol based sanitizer.

Families can still provide their own sanitizer if they prefer: we ask that families consult the Health Canada list of approved hand sanitizers and choose an approved product.  Families may want to consult both the manufacturer’s labels and corresponding safety data sheet as they choose an appropriate product. 

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