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Clearview announces new principal for Big Valley School

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Clearview Public Schools Release June 22, 2021 @ 2:19pm published at 4:50pm

The Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Rick Dawson as Principal of Big Valley School beginning in August 2021.

Ms. Brenda MacDonald, Superintendent, comments, “We are pleased to have Rick join us from Sturgeon School Division. We believe his passion for students, relationships, leadership, and teaching excellence and his extensive principalship experience will make the transition a smooth one. We are always striving for a first-choice learning environment, a place where We All Belong ~ We All Succeed. We believe Rick will be that great fit for Big Valley School and the community of Big Valley.”

Rick graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Education from the University of Portland. He has been a principal for over 16 years and has been a principal in various K - 12 schools. He shared with us his greatest strength is building relationships with all stakeholders. Rick is committed to student learning and staff development. He shared that he has always enjoyed working in rural Alberta.

Rick states, “ I am very excited to be joining the Big Valley School and Clearview School Division teams, to work together toward the very important goal of educating our students. Having started my education in a small farming community and building my career in rural schools, I have seen the many advantages students from a community such as Big Valley can benefit from. I am looking forward to meeting the staff, students, parents, and members of the Big Valley community when the school doors open for the 2021/22 school year".

Congratulations to Rick! We welcome Rick to the Clearview family and know that our students, staff and community are in good hands.

For further information please call

Brenda MacDonald, Superintendent



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