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Clearview announces new Director of Human Services

Mark Siemens, Director of Human Services

Mark Siemens has been with Clearview since 2007, and has served in the roles of teacher, school principal and Division Principal. 

In his leadership roles, Mark has led staff in the areas of curriculum, instruction, assessment and technology.  Mark brings strong interpersonal skills and an enthusiasm for learning, along with a commitment to work directly with staff in employee/labour relations and staff development.

Mark graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a Bachelor of Science/Education, and has a Master’s degree from the University of Calgary. 

Mark is married to Julie, and they have four daughters.  

“In my previous role as Division Principal, I had the privilege of building relationships with many staff members throughout Clearview.  Through this experience, I gained a deep appreciation of the remarkable people who ensure that our students belong and succeed. I am excited at the opportunity as Director of Human Services to continue the important work of building a culture, where all staff are supported so they can learn, grow and ultimately thrive in their work."  Mark Siemens 

The Director of Human Services will implement and oversee the following staff relations areas:

  • Staff relations duties which include overall responsibilities of human resources for staff in the school division (hiring, appeals and grievances, performance evaluations, employment standards, etc.).

  • Staff health and wellness

  • Training and development duties in the human services areas which include developing strategies, coaching and professional development.

  • Safety services responsibilities which includes management of all the safety related tasks within the organization.

“Mark brings a wonderful skill set to this role.  As Division Principal this year, he has moved Clearview forward in this area, and he has a passion for this work.  As a former principal, he will be able to support our school leaders in the important work of hiring and evaluating new teachers.” Peter Barron, Superintendent  

Mark Siemens will start in the position of Director of Human Services in September 2020.

via Clearview Public School District Spotlight June 3, 2020


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