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Clearview announces new Compensation Coordinator

Congratulations to Christy Comte on her new position as Compensation Coordinator starting in the 2020-21 school year.

Christy Comte has been with Clearview since 1995, and brings 25 years of various experience to this position. 

Christy completed her Payroll Compliance Practitioner certification in 2019.  Outside of work, Christy also stays very busy with her six year old son Easton, and is a barrel racer and loves all things horse related. 

I have loved working for Clearview for the last 25 years, and have learned and grown so much through each position I have held.  I am super excited to be challenged once again in my new role with the division and look forward to the added responsibilities and variety it will bring.

- Christy Comte 

The Compensation Coordinator duties will focus on coordinating all payroll functions for all staff, including:

  • Provide support to the Director of Human Resources in the front line resource for all employee human resource inquiries involving leaves, pay, benefits, sick leave, disability, workplace injuries, death, retirement.

  • Manage the payroll system and oversee the daily operational activities related to payroll and benefits, and ensure calculations for eligible pay and benefits are within applicable statutes, regulations, policies, contracts or administrative procedures.

Christy Comte will start in the position of Compensation Coordinator in September 2020.

For more information, please contact

Peter Barron, Superintendent


Clearview Public Schools Press Release June 22, 20202 @ 4:12 PM


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