Christ King Catholic school holds farewell event for Grad 9 students (video)

Stettler’s Christ King Catholic School held a farewell event for their grade nine students on the evening of June 11th. Teachers and administrators stopped at each grade 9 students' house to say their goodbyes and congratulate their students.

The teachers took noise makers including tambourines, maracas, and most notably their vehicle’s horns to announce their arrival. The commotion likely embarrassed the students initially, but ultimately it put a smile on their faces. Another feature that gave the students a chuckle was the homemade yard signs that the school made for each student. The yard sign held a picture of the individual student and was read “Graduate of CKCS”.

Each student was dressed formally and had their picture taken with Alisa Glasier and Jenea Kopp, two junior high teachers at CKCS. Each student also got a couple gift cards from the school and a gift bag from Father Roger. Tara Mcmillan, Principal of Stettler Christ King Catholic School, chatted with each student about how the break is going and talked about the excitement of High School.

Venize Manalastas, a grade nine graduate stated, “I will miss all of you guys, but I am ready to move on.”

To finalize the gathering at each house, Father Roger gave a blessing towards the graduating student.

Principal McMillan told each student to “come back and visit us in the fall!””

Congratulations to the Christ King Catholic School’s 2020 Grad Class, who includes Sebastian Diaz, Maison Ruby, Cameron Lang, Venize Manalastas, Megan Nichols, and Jennifer Hoekstra.

Riley Turre, Youth Reporter

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