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Christ King Catholic School has drive-thru Kindergarten Graduation (video)

On June 10, 2020, the staff at Christ King Catholic School put together a drive-thru kindergarten graduation to celebrate the students. The kindergarten teacher, Miss. Schilling, has only been teaching since the end of April so this was her first time meeting her students in person. Miss. Schilling decided to plan out the entire graduation for the students, while still following Alberta Health Services guidelines so that she could make the best out of the situation.

In the 2019/2020 graduating kindergarten class, there were 18 students. The students had specific times to show up; once they arrived, the students got a paper graduation cap and got to take pictures with it on, as well as take photos with their teachers. Following that, Father Roger, the Priest from Christ King Catholic Church, would give them a blessing. To end their graduation, the students received their diploma along with a bucket full of gifts.

According to the principal, Tara McMillian, they could have done an online graduation ceremony to celebrate the students moving into grade one. However, they wanted to be able to see the students and congratulate and recognize them in person, as well as give their families a chance to take pictures to remember this milestone.

Lewis, a student at Christ King School, told me, “I had fun at kinder grad", and that he liked his presents from the teachers. "I am excited to go into grade one next year!” he said.

Another student, Delaney, said, “Kinder grad was good, and I’m excited for grade one!”

The celebration was for both the students and the teachers, as they got to see each other in person once again before the summer holidays. Miss Schilling described her class, saying, “the students are curious, and they are all doing very well!”

It was a great day for the teachers, students, and families, full of celebration and joy. Congratulations, and good luck to the 2019/2020 kindergarten graduation class!

Jessica Campbell, Youth Reporter


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