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CAO Greg Switenky Retires After 19 Years with Town of Stettler

Stettler CAO retiring on August 30, 2023 at 7:15 am

Town of Stettler Media Release

Town of Stettler CAO Greg Switenky is preparing to step down from the role of Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) as of August 30, 2023. CAO Switenky’s retirement follows a thirty-six (36) year career in municipal government, with nineteen (19) of those years spent with the Town of Stettler.

Greg arrived in Stettler from Golden, British Columbia, assuming the role of Assistant CAO in 2004. Following the retirement of former CAO, Rob Stoutenberg, Greg was appointed as CAO in 2014.

Says Mayor Sean Nolls, “Greg’s impact on this town and administration will be felt for decades. The culture he has built around valuing his colleagues has made us all realize how important the people around us are. Myself and Council will never forget how his leadership has impacted us. Greg is a true leader, because a true leader never seeks credit – they will always point to those deserving around them.

"Greg has always put Stettler first, and will never stop talking about how awesome this community is. Greg will be missed, but his dedication and commitment will never be forgotten.”

Reflecting on his time with the Town of Stettler, CAO Greg Switenky says, “It has truly been a privilege to serve the citizens of the Town of Stettler and area. I have greatly appreciated the trust and mutual respect that I’ve shared with multiple Town Councils and related community agencies throughout my career in Stettler.

"I am proud and fortunate to have worked alongside a very dedicated, talented and prepared team of staff members who take pride in the delivery of the many municipal services and facilities that our residents and businesses value and rely upon daily. Together, Town Council and our staff have strategically, responsibly and supportively strove to make a difference by embracing the goal of providing a high quality of life in our community on an affordable and fair basis.

"After working in local government for thirty-six years, with my final nineteen years being in Stettler, and the past nine years as the Town’s CAO, it is the right time for me to retire. I wholeheartedly support Leann Graham as she transitions into her new role as the CAO for the Town of Stettler."

Leann Graham is set to assume the position of CAO as of August 31, 2023.


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