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Buffalo Sands Resident Community Assoc. hosts Kids Fun Cardboard Boat Race

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Community submitted news to Aug. 4 2021

Article & photos courtesy of Andrea Butler

The Buffalo Sands Resident’s Community Association held their first ever Kids Fun Cardboard Boat Race this past August long-weekend.

All community kids and guests were encouraged to enter and eventually, we had nine competitors participate! For our first ever event like this, we were all super excited to see such a great turnout. The rules were simple: there is no one way to build a cardboard boat! The main goal for every team was to work together and have fun and try to not get too wet in the lake. Corrugated cardboard and lots of duct tape were the materials of choice for most competitors and the designs and decorations were all unique. Everyone had fun creating and decorating them and it goes to show that we certainly have a very creative, and artistic community.

Race day was hot and humid so most of the crowd took to the lake to not only support the kids, but to keep cool and enjoy the action close up while cheering everyone on. We had all the racers line up on the lake edge and then paddle themselves up a short course; the winner was the first to make it over the finish line still in their boat and still afloat.

Nico in "Blue Flame" cruised to an impressive finish in first place and for many hours afterwards, he was still cruising the lake in his fantastic creation; boat building just might be in his future!

A prize was also given for the most creative design and while we had lots of great ones to choose from, Georgia in her floating buffalo, complete with horns and a tail as well as a horned helmet took the prize!

As the social committee for the Residents Association, we are working hard to build a strong sense of family values, fun and camaraderie and we have a summer full of great events for not only the younger residents, but the more grown-up ones too! We recently held a fantastic sandcastle building competition on our two beaches for kids and families, and again, we had a great turnout and some very creative entries. The adults in our community also managed to get in on some spirited participation with a Golf Tournament this past weekend at Haunted Lakes Golf Course and we were very grateful for their wonderful hospitality.

Located on the south shore, we are a small community, but we are big on heart and our motto “Lake Life and Play”’ holds true in everything we do. The next time you are cruising the lakeshore, drop by and say hello, you are always assured a warm welcome!

Thank you to Andrea Butler for the wonderful community news from Buffalo Lake.


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