Bond-O Communications

Address: 6714 - 49th Ave

Mailing: 6714 - 49th Ave

Phone: 403-742-4399

Monday - Saturday: 10am - 11am: Seniors

11am - 4pm: Regular Customers

Our Telus/Koodo store is continuing to stay open with reduced hours to ensure essential services are available. We are one of Telus' essential store locations due to our location (and because we are awesome!!) In order to continue to keep our staff and our customers safe & healthy, we ask you.........please follow the COVID-19 rules and do not come in to see us if you have a cold or any cold symptoms.

Bond-O Communications has implemented additional measures to help ensure that we are keeping both our customers and our staff safe:


  • Removed all demo/dummy devices & brochures from the sales floor - Removed customer access to accessory cabinets & washroom - Enforcing social distancing -

  • Cleaning our counter work space between every client interaction - Wiping your smartphone down when you give it to us - Washing our hands between every client interaction - Wearing gloves while we help you - Re-Cleaning door handles/floors/ect between customers

  • If you require essential services: With your phone, rural or in-town internet, accessories, prepaid minutes, ect - - please call us directly at 403-742-4399 (option 1). We will help you over the phone and then you can come in and pick-up your product.

  • If you have an emergency that can't wait until we are open, please call 403-740-9696 or email and we will do our best to help you.

  • If you need non-essential services, here is who you call: 866-558-2273 (Telus directly) or *611 send (from your phone) 866-995-6636 (Koodo directly) 844-530-4334 (Telus landline)

  • We thank all of our customers that are working with us during this difficult time and we hope that all of you and your families continue to be safe. Bond-O Communications will continue to monitor the COVID - 19 situation and will make adjustments based on guidelines from AHS and Telus Mobility.

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