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Animal Haven Rescue League - Pet of the Week - Sept. 26

Animal Haven Rescue

What can we say about this crazy cat, other than she has us wrapped around her little paw that’s for sure!

Cleo has figured out how to open kitchen cupboards, so if we don’t feed her on time, she’s in the cupboards exploring. If we don’t go to bed at our usual time, she gets the zoomies.

She is a very active girl and can get bored easily, so a friend her age or younger would be best for her. She definitely needs someone to help her burn off that energy. Cleo loves it when people come to the door because that means someone new will pet her and mention how cute and tiny she is, but she can be a sneaky ninja at the same time. She would do well with a large catio so that she can watch the birds and world go by.

Cleo isn’t much of a cuddler or lap cat, but when she wants cuddles, she will let you know! She loves giving head butts to show her affection and she likes giving loving baths. This beautiful girl is the most gentle cat ever and would make a perfect pet for a loving family.


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