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Alberta Biobord MDF plant announcement for Stettler region unsubstantiated

Updated: Jan 27, 2021 January 27, 2021 @2:54pm

Last week reported that the Great Plains MDF plant would not be built just south of the Stettler Airport due to the required amount of water the plant would draw everyday and the traffic flow issues the plant could create.

On January 22, Alberta BioBord President George Clark announced in an interview with East Central Review that they are building a plan to develop a fuel pellet and medium-density fibreboard (MDF) plant adjacent to the Town of Stettler. In that interview, it was indicated by Clark that he was the former spokesperson for Great Plains MDF.

Great Plains MDF told us that they parted ways with Clark last year, and it was ironic that after they announced they would not be building south of Stettler, that Alberta BioBord is developing a plan for a plant close to the same location that was originally considered.

Photo source: LinkedIn profile

"Mr. Clark was never a spokesperson for Great Plains MDF. He was engaged to assist in raising early-stage capital. When this did not come to fruition Great Plains terminated our agreement with Mr. Clark last summer. Great Plains MDF is not associated with Alberta BioBord in any way. As Alberta entrepreneurs, we wish them good luck but are focused on our own project." - Brian McLeod, President and Chairman, Great Plains MDF

Clark contacted County of Stettler CAO Yvette Cassidy for a letter of support prior to Christmas last year, and the County provided him with one. Alberta BioBord has not yet been in touch with, nor applied for a permit through the County Planning and Development Department.

Reeve Larry Clarke told that he is looking forward to working with BioBord, and Mayor Sean Nolls has said he's looking forward to learning about this project, but neither the County of Stettler nor the Town of Stettler has been approached by Clark regarding a project.

Alberta BioBord, led by Clark, looks to have been started in 2017 according to Clark’s LinkedIn profile. We tried to contact Clark through his LinkedIn on January 26th at 10:50 AM as the company has no website we could find and we could not attain a phone number or email. The address listed for the corporation is a residence in Calgary.

We have not received a response from Clark at the time of publishing.

Jody Craig, Reporter


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