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Alberta achieves milestone methane deal

Provincial Press Release November 5, 2020 @ 1:17pm published at

Alberta has reached an agreement with the federal government that keeps the province in charge of regulating methane emissions.

The governments of Alberta and Canada have settled on an Alberta-led methane regulation. Without this agreement, both provincial and federal regulations would continue to apply in Alberta, increasing red tape and imposing additional costs onto Alberta’s energy sector. Alberta’s methane regulation is estimated to cut more emissions by 2030 than the federal system would if it applied in Alberta, and will do so at half the cost to industry.

“Nobody is better positioned to manage Alberta’s emissions than Alberta. Reaching a methane equivalency agreement with the federal government is a major step in our continued work to effectively reduce methane emissions, and will help job creators meet our environmental goals while saving money and avoiding unnecessary red tape.” Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks

The provincial methane regulation will save job creators time, money and resources while protecting jobs and keeping investment in Alberta. This agreement also enables Alberta to continue building on its strong emissions management record and global leadership on environmental, social and governance performance.

“This agreement allows industry to work within a made-in-Alberta framework that avoids duplication, meets environmental outcomes and provides flexibility to reach methane reduction targets in a way that best suits our province. Having a single set of rules will increase investor confidence in our energy sector while strengthening Alberta’s reputation for innovation and responsible energy development.” Sonya Savage, Minister of Energy

Alberta’s methane reduction approach is the result of collaboration between industry, academics, technology developers, research institutions, environmental non-government organizations and the public, in addition to discussions with the federal government.

Alberta’s methane emissions reduction target Alberta’s target is to reduce methane reductions by 45 per cent from 2014 levels by 2025. As part of the province’s commitment to methane emissions reduction, Alberta is using innovative policy tools, technology and research to achieve environmental goals. The province recently announced $52 million from the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) system to support methane programs that will create jobs in the oil and gas sector and cut about 1.5 megatonnes of emissions right away, while also setting the stage for future job growth and reduced emissions after projects are complete.

Alberta’s Recovery Plan Ensuring the economic prosperity of Alberta’s oil and gas sector is a key part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan. Alberta’s Recovery Plan is a bold, ambitious long-term strategy to build, diversify, and create tens of thousands of jobs now. By building schools, roads and other core infrastructure we are benefiting our communities. By diversifying our economy and attracting investment with Canada’s most competitive tax environment, we are putting Alberta on a path for a generation of growth.

Quick facts

  • Alberta was the first regional government in North America to commit to a methane reduction target for the oil and gas sector.

  • In Alberta, the oil and gas sector is the largest source of methane emissions.

  • About three-quarters of provincial methane emissions come from the upstream oil and gas sector.

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