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2/27 Knockbusters go to Castor

Photo by Tera Blumhagen-Blake

William E. Hays Nockbuster Archery teams were at Castor on Friday the 21st for a tournament. Congratulations to our High School team and Junior High team both of whom placed first!

Individual placings as follows:

Gr.7 girls: Piper Simpson 2nd and Kyra Shannon 3rd,

Gr. 8 girls: Gena McClung 1st and Haley Sayles 2nd

Gr. 8 boys: Deacon Barlcay 1st

Gr.9 girls: Kristen Measures 1st and Keira Fuller 2nd

Gr.10 girls: Evie Blake 1st and Emma McMullin 3rd

Gr.10 boys: Owen McClung 1st, Isaac Deaver 2nd and Ty Holden 3rd.

Gr.11 girls: Olivia Van Straten 1st, and Janaia Barclay 2nd

Gr.12 girls: Emily Barclay 2nd, Darby Stroschein 3rd.

Gr.12 boys: Josh Morris 3rd

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