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Share stories, talent, community news, or your knowledge and expertise on TV. 

As of September 14, 2020, we go live from Facebook every weekday from our studio at the Central Alberta Business Centre. Our videos are available on Facebook and uploaded to our YouTube Channel.

Please see below guidelines, tips and available time slots to be a guest on TV.

B Adair, Manager of will contact you regarding your request. 

For more information about TV contact B at or 403-743-0347. 


  • This is not "produced" television. Our focus is on providing our community with good information so if you mess up, don't worry just keep going! 

  • Prepare notes so you remember all the points you want to make. Yes, you can refer to notes during filming. 

  • Wear a shirt that is any colour except black as black is our background colour.

  • Please be mindful of your language. 

  • Be ready to move into the studio just before your scheduled time 

  • Relax. Nobody is expecting perfect!

  • Please book your next appearance with B before leaving CABC. 


  1. Segment hosts must arrive at CABC 10 minutes before their scheduled time, to allow for set-up and any timing issues that may occur.

  2. To respect social distancing guidelines, segment hosts will enter the Business Centre, wait in our front waiting area, and enter the studio when their scheduled time begins or when prompted. 

  3. The recording area will be sanitized as often as possible


  1. We will promote your appearance on all our advertising assets including social media, weekly e-news, and 

  2. Please focus the first part of your segment on providing our viewers with entertainment or information and the last two minutes of your segment you can use to discuss your business or services.

  3. All segments are recorded and will be available on YouTube by the end of the day for you to share. 


Promoting your appearance on our TV channel costs Rairdan Services, Inc. money and valuable personnel time. As such, these are the expectations for your participation on

  1. NO profane language, bullying, discussions regarding liquor, cannabis, tobacco, and drugs. This is strictly prohibited.  This is a family-friendly channel.

  2. NO personal political opinions or opinion pieces. 

  3. If for any reason you are not able to host your scheduled segment please first, attempt to find a replacement. If that fails, please give us at least 2 weeks notice to fill your time slot. 

  4. If you do not show up for your scheduled time slot you will not be invited to return.

  5. This is not “produced” TV. All segments are live which means errors are not “edited out”. Mistakes are OK, just keep going. 

  6. All segments are recorded and will be available on YouTube at a later date. 

Anyone not adhering to these guidelines will not be allowed to continue their segment or participate in the future. 

Fill out to schedule your appearance on TV

Please request available time slots per the schedule. Our TV Schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at 12PM and Tuesday & Thursdays starting at 10AM with Tuesdays being Senior TV. 

What is your plan for appearing on TV?
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